(INFO) Museum and Aquarium.

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(INFO) Museum and Aquarium.

Post by tarashon » Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:04 am

Howdy all.

Let me start by admitting that i am so truly proud of the 2 new additions in mention here that i simply wont pretend not to be for modesty.

1. The Aquraium has been improved !

I found a way to utilize VFX and the results in the aquarium are nothing short of amazing. Be sure to have "shiny water" disabled when going there :)

2. The Museum exibition ( room 2 ) have been redone.

Severel times different characters have crashed entering there and now I even crashed the toolset trying to fix it. As a result I completely removed it from the module and decided to recreate a totally new exibition department to compete with the Aquarium.

All I can say is that you should really go there and enjoy it. I honestly think and dare to claim tht these 2 new areas, basically are taking the CEP creations to a brand new level !

I know its shamelessly brag but please visit them and see for yourself :)


On a sidenote but in lue with this also the brand new halfling district ( Balderling Homestead ) and halfling playerhousing is also new aditions primarely adding to the flavor and atmosphere of the module. This and our new "Touched and Furious Touched" monsters all over the place once again created more flavor and atmoshpere. To top it all Ive managed to implement new monsterstype ( upgrading old ones ) to explode etc with damage and graphics on death. All I can say is that I am truly and utterly happy about what we are acomplishing these days. So go visit and see for yourself, and if you like what you see, try to convince some old friends and other players to give Alangara a try. I truly believe most player will find Alangara to be a brand new chapter of their NWN1 experience :)

* Shameless brag out *


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