(INFO) Blackguard Summons.

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(INFO) Blackguard Summons.

Post by tarashon » Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:54 pm

Howdy all :)

Blackguards now have a line of custom summons, matching the powerlevel of the Alangara Pw. The levels mentioned are the Blackguard levels corresponding to the summon.

L3 : Summoned Ghast.
L5: Succubus warrior. This one is also used in evil version of planar ally.
L7: Summoned Darkknight.
L11: Summoned Hellknight. This one is also used in evil version of Gate.

When aquirering the feat EPIC FIEND

Summoned Hellspawn.

This also means that Blackguards are the only melee class with access to real epic Summons, making them rather uniqe and powerfull.

Please allow me to remind us all on the idea of making blackguards a more neutral class t allow for neutrals and good characters ( atleast RP wise - unless the class/alignment choice can be re-codet ) to take this class, just as I would like all class combinations to be able to choose paladins, reflecting holy/unholy warriors of their given Gods.



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