(INFO) Summon creature I to IX.

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(INFO) Summon creature I to IX.

Post by tarashon » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:27 pm

Howdy folks :)

Being annoyed with having a summon transformed via immersion tool to fx beholder still being named "summoned Direwolf" if its the version III , I completely redesigned their names and appearances.

Names are now created from 2 axis being Lesser-Intermediate-Strong and Small-Medium-Large. Thus a summon I is now called "Lesser Small Summon" and a Summon IX is called "Strong Large Summon". Also the looks are now 3 different dragontypes in 3 different sizes - the 3 smallest available.

Whereas the naming isn't all that great at least its neutral and none contradictive. As for the forms themselves they are really really cool and in my opinion way better than the standard versions :)


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