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XP Changes...

Post by tarashon » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:28 pm

Greetings folks :)

In preparation to upload Alangara to the vault its XP system have been massively tweaked towards more single player friendliness.

- companions and familiars now 10 % reduction ( was 0% before )
- Maximum XP per kill 50 ( was 35 before )
- Maximum level over mobs CR for still getting XP 20 ( was 16 before )
- minimum XP per kill 2 ( was 1 before )
- Individual level XP reduction factor massively improved from level 20 to 40 so these levels are now far more "XP- gainable".

Did a test with Tarashai ( bard level 31 ) and he now gains XP with his summon ( 19 xp per kill ) with the normal Earthens and 24 XP on those on next level, basically making it fully possible to solo to level 40 now. Also observe the higher XP also means higher "standard per kill gold", as all monsters grants a XP*2 gold to all party members regardless of any other loot.

This should basically eliminate the 1 digit XP on higher levels problems brought forth by Dante elsewhere. Feel free to test and comment...


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