Just some things ... and DM stuff

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Just some things ... and DM stuff

Post by BenevolentDevil » Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:26 pm

Well, since my return, I've played hard and long , Raised Jess up a couple of levels , but been doing so much in game, I have yet to continue the stories and tales on the forums here ... The World is shaping around Jess just as much as She's being shaped in the world, and I fear I am severely back-logged on updating all the information.

And DM stuff ... I am itching to get into doing some story plots and questing , and come up with things to tie your characters more into what Alangara/Inner Realms is ... , but I honestly need a certain area at minimum , it's an older DMFI Encounter area , helps a DM be able to pre-set up enemies and encounters , spawn in on the fly and much more ...

I Know a few "tricks" to get around that, but fear much of it would be time consuming and slow trying to do it while everyone is on and playing.

But , I also want things to be fun and productive ... , and I am not opposed to personalizing quest for character development.

What I don't do as DM: I don't give out high end , end game items. Now if granted permission by Tarashon , I will say do a unique item quest for someone if that is the goal of that character , but a player seeking such has to have the item approved by Tara, made by him and included in the Mod prior to me running said quest. Same with things that include housing , any kind of module changes ... all must be approved and go through Tara first.

My quest can be simple or complex , and some don't always have a "combat" solution. Sometimes, it's all about using your head, and coming up with creative means to "win the day" .
Some I tend to do just spur of the moment, ad-hoc "mini-adventures" that are just for fun and may or may not be part of an ongoing plot or sub plot. Those are more for getting out of the grind, and for fun more than anything.

And I do accept ideas for plots and things you might like to see in Alangara , but please don't get upset if I don't utilize and idea, or take an idea and spin some creative liberty into it, and the result doesn't turn out as expected.

In the meantime ( I am working on locating that DMFI area and non-overwriting script sets that go with it ) , I have been enjoying grouping up and running amok in the Epicy areas! We'll continue doing that as well!

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