Looking at quest/bounties

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Looking at quest/bounties

Post by BenevolentDevil » Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:47 am

Maybe the system reflects some of what another game did , everquest maybe?

But talking with Grace and a few other folks that tried Alangara, some find the bounties drop too slow , and some find the hunt and gather quest not to their liking/preference.

Honestly, I've played here long enough , I really don't know any alternative means of questing/rewards as far as Alangara is set up.

I do feel as if I have hit a wall with Jess a bit here, as all quest I know of at this point are epicy, and some extra bodies are needed to complete them.

Here are some ideas I was thinking on , side guest and alternate quest :
Side quest, "rewards" not top end like main Quest , and do not have to be done completed to advance to reborn , just "extras" to give more to do, fill in some level gap discrepancies , or be there so characters have things to do , other than checking farm , and waiting for others to complete main quest.

Alternate Quest -
The main issue I have when starting new alts, is pretty much you do the same quest/bounty progression as all other characters. Lack of variety there, makes playing a new character a tad booring, especially when alone. You've already seen this content, possibly several times over.

I mean, I am not in any way complaining, nor do I really want Tara/Seeker have to work so hard on the module ... these were just ideas I had while I had some down time and fretted a bit over what a few layers said to me.

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