You, me and experience. gaining and loosing...

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You, me and experience. gaining and loosing...

Post by tarashon » Mon Nov 30, 2015 6:48 pm

How folks.

As mentioned in the OOC area News sign, XP losses have now been halved. Resurrection and Raise dead also gives similar less XP back now.

In effect you now loose 50 xp per level at max 25 levels so all in all 1250 tops.

Raise dead gives back 35 XP per level max 875.

Resurrection gives back 45 XP per level and max 1125.

This means an epic character dying and getting resurrection looses a mere 125 XP, which really isn't all that dramatic !

Additionally, with the new specialmob settings, making areas potentially more dangerous XP level for "no-more-xp-for-you" have been raised from 12 to 15. So basically you can gain XP from a given monsters 3 more character levels now.

This might hold little effect for most current characters but it means a lot for those epic toons...


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