VERY VERY good news !

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VERY VERY good news !

Post by tarashon » Fri Feb 26, 2016 10:47 pm

A few minuttes ago I got a message from Jest that the server vault had been reconstructed and that likely only 1-2% would be corrupted.

Now i've uploaded those account i could remember were playing at this time. The thing is the chars i just tried with my own was working flawlesly but the database is still GONE so.... all quests are *POOOF*.

Well atleast people can still play their chars and I suspect someone will even like the fact that they can retake all database based quests...

Also Farms are gone, but I can DM deliever those seeds people are having quests for but not having so buy a new farm and get the seeds you allready owned.

Farms should now be fully functional for intire player account. remember though the limit is STILL only the 5 of each special type that the main character would have been able to aquire.


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