Alangara have restartet from scrath. ( edited )

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Alangara have restartet from scrath. ( edited )

Post by tarashon » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:16 pm


Just for my own leisure, but realising i'm too hooked on the ability to tweak and play around with server features I'll be loading up Alangara again, from scratch.

Alangara is running again at its usual IP -

Kindly observe that the new XP settings are quite improved


Due to new and lighter sleep restrictions and the fact that arcane casters and druids have verious buyable staffs of limitless damagespells at their disposal, following changes are in play now.

1. You no longer move to OOC starting area when logging in and out ( only server resets )
2. Spells are no longer replenished from logging in and out.

End edit

Also the Pale Master is now playable, with the need to DL a small override file preventing the level 9 crit' immune. This class will more than likely need some tweaking and specialties, so anyone playing this class will likely be crucial in re-designing it to some extend.

Also as people ( if any ) level up we will be spending some time addressing the "numerically overwhelming special attacks" in certain areas, more than likely making those spawn have each a leader with those abilities but not them all. This should hopefully do great to balance those powers out and making it possible to combat them regardless of class ( kill da freakin' leader ! )

Kind Regards.

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