Orbs of Insight.

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Orbs of Insight.

Post by tarashon » Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:51 pm

Greetings all.

Inspired by other games all together, I've custom designed and added a brand new line of XP related items know as "Orbs of Insight".

The concept of these orbs are that players may sacrifice XP and gold from a character to create an orb able to bestow XP to others, as they see fit.

The idea of this is to address multible "issues".

First of it allows for a potential "gold sink" actually draining some money out of the economy; which might be good.

It also helps high level players bring aboard friends, or merely aid them more altogether, as they can litterally create XP for them and aid them level up, without "babysitting them" in fitting low level zones.

Further more it allows with high level characters to perhaps get new alts "up & running" a little faster.

The system is made so the creation also is level dependant to (somewhat) combat possible "abuse" with creating Orbs via lowlevel characters and then using them on epics, likely having to fight harder for their XP....

The XP cost for making them is the same as XP gain from using them but adding a substantial gold cost to it - The gold cost is subject to regulation as we see how it balance out in game...

Name. # XP. # Gold. # Level of User # Level to create.

Lesser Orb of Insight # 2.500 # 25.000 # < 19 # 20+
Minor Orb of Insight # 5.000 # 45.000 # < 19 # 25+
Medium Orb of Insight # 7.500 # 150.000 # < 29 # 30+
Major Orb of Insight # 10.000 # 175.000 # < 29 # 35+
Ultimate Orb of Insight # 15.000 # 350.000 # < 39 # 40

As it is now I've experimentally added a small chance for the lesser orbs to drop from Furious Touched creatures. High level dungeon chests might similar be subject to rare drop chance of Orbs. As I implement the actual NPC mechanism to create them for players we might also consider some form of switch. Fx 2 lesser for one Minor ( wont likely matter in itself but together with... ) 2 Minor for one Medium. This means higher level characters can combine lesser versions to create one they can actually use. In such a case we would have to differentiate between drops and creations as the intire system is geared against this for the ones being player created...

Personally I find this an interesting addition without being gamebreaking :)


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