Spell crits implemented.

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Spell crits implemented.

Post by tarashon » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:25 pm

Howdy all :)

After I relaunched Alangara as EE-version yesterday I got the idea to implement spell crits into our custom spellsystem.

The beauty of having our custom system is that we can do stuff like this and instantly add it to ALL SPELLS :)

It works like a charm and as follows...

level 1 to 20 ; all spells have 5% chance of critting for 75% extra damage.
level 21+ ; all spells have a 10% chance of critting adding 100% extra damage.

Whenever a crit occurs a text will float over the caster stating their spell reached critical impact.

( at testing i noticed that magical missiles are testet individually so you crit alot but per each missile )

Have fun casters !


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