Alangara Cristmas competition !

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Alangara Cristmas competition !

Post by tarashon » Sun Dec 02, 2018 11:34 pm

In honor of the Christmas spirit we are now making a small competition in december.

All players attenting the server from now and to new years eve will enter this competition for following prizes.

Winners are found and people must report to Tarashon or DM Bose within a week to claim their prizes. If not we will find other winners.

Congratulations to...

5th - 3 socket tools ( rare drops part of our socketing system for magical creation of custom gear )

4th - 10 forge tokens ( expensive currency part of our custom magical forge custom gear creation system )

3rd - a magical cherry tree seed ( part of our farming system that interacts with the custom forge )

2nd - A custom summon based on your class and levels - yes even a fighter can get one in Alangara !

1st - A CUSTOM HOUSING at players request of location. Anyone can get this but usually its expensive...

The player may have a file send from already existing custom housing to buy and alter upon it themself to personalise or perhaps simply design from scratch and have it put into the module. If the winner is not familiar with the toolset I will also be available to listen to request and make my own interpretation of it.

Merry Christmas and welcome to Alangara


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