Class restrictions have been removed !

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Class restrictions have been removed !

Post by tarashon » Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:25 pm

Greetings all  

In recognition that the community at large does not share my vision of "less powerbuilds" and more powerful classes in themselves I have now decided for a dramatic change in the Inner Realms.

All classes and combinations hereof will henceforth be legal.

Only things i can remember being nerfed still is...


Monks - no superspeed but great improvements to their damage and healing instead.

DEV-CRIT - still out

Palemaster level 10 due to crit immunity.


This being said most classes have special improvements and options so whatever power/RP build you fancy I can guarantee that in ALANGARA it can become MORE powerfull and diverse in its powers and abilities  

Welcome to the Inner Realms !


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