Alangara closing.

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Alangara closing.

Post by tarashon » Tue Mar 10, 2020 8:26 am

Hi all :)

Due to no player count and various issues with our current hosting platform i have decided to pull the plug on Alangara for now. Work on it will still go on and "TheHorla" and myself have some new projects going on. My plan is to either relaunch at a later date with some changes to the present system or as a minimum release this 3rd version of Alangara on the vault once it is what i want it to be.

I do have a dream of changing the intro part to split between starting in Darkmoor, Xymoria and Castle Balder and actually at least have the first levels be much more story like. We will see :)

Regardless thanks for this time around from me and a huge thanks to all players and not the least all those of you who have helped develop Alangara with scripts and inputs ! :)

Kind regards.


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