A Players playerguide to Alangara - By Twilighteyes.

Server features, server rules and NWN changes.
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A Players playerguide to Alangara - By Twilighteyes.

Post by tarashon » Tue Feb 11, 2020 3:55 pm

Greetings and welcome to Alangara!

This is to give new (or potentially new) players a handful of tips, tricks and leveling ideas. Also it hopefully gives an idea of what to expect in the inner realms!

First a small introduction. My name is Stephen, playing under the account name twilighteyes. I have been playing on Alangara for several years and have been thru most of the revisions, even had a hand at DM’ing in one!

The world is what one would call a “high magic, high gold, medium leveling” Action server that will HAPPILY promote RP! If you prefer hacking, slashing and blasting we got that! If you like a library (with player contributed works) and museum full of lore and history then your in luck. Prefer to just sit by the river bank and role play as your character tries catching fish? Yup, we role play here too!

There are TONS of changes made to virtually every aspect of the original NWN game here. Every spell casting class has an elemental weapon buff, all classes have access to a scaling summoned helper and every class is now capable of successful solo play! Yes, I have tested this and a dex based gnome barbarian can survive quite well!! Power builds, pure class and role play oriented can all function perfectly fine here.

When first logging in you will find several server rules, spell changes, options and various “read me” signs. Don’t let these discourage you! Read thru, get a general idea of what things have changed on the class you wish to play and proceed to the entry portal! A quick chat with an NPC explaining a bit of the history then it’s off to Little Forest for your first quest!

*** EXTRA by Tarashon - worldbuilder. I would like to add that if you dont want to read a single ingame board just talk to the Alangara servant and choose the instant adventure option. Even if not reading anything should somehow create some problem we will surely solve it... ***

Speak with the Druid and she will ask you to take care of a small rodent problem. Run down the hill, dispatch said vermin and bring her proof. Congratulations!! Your now level 2 and have a decent amount of gold!! Speak with her again for another simple quest and head to the City of Balder.

Now, the first thing you should do upon arriving to the city is head for The Heroes Rest. Speak with Sigald and ask him for a story. He will give you a token that will allow you to teleport back to the Inn and will also cast a movement speed increase. With that out of the way it’s time for gear! Spend a bit of time checking out the shops throughout the city but don’t go crazy! Get a couple pieces of enchanted gear (a +1 weapon and a piece of armor to start) grab the Flute for the Druid and portal back to her! Now your level 3 and can begin adventuring with a reasonable amount of gold, a couple levels and some gear! Go explore and enjoy!!

Now a little bit on the advice part.

Nearly every NPC with a name will have a quest. Get chatting!!

Did you make a rogue with pickpocket skill? Gonna have to re-roll him/her cause pickpocket is banned and you won’t be able to level. Likewise, persuade, appraise and the crafting skills have little use here except RP value.

“What do you mean the pale master isn’t crit immune?!” Yeah, we got potions that bestow that here and damage reduction potions and XP boost potions! Potions for DAYS folks!

While forging and socketing of weapons are good for mid to high level play, your going to need something until then. Hello Rainbow club!! Keep that little stick of doom handy your first several levels, use it, love it and then sell it.

Speaking of the forge... There is a lovely little magic item in that shop, it’s called the Orb of Endless Summons. This handy trinket will put you on par with spell casters by allowing you to summon a baby dragon, the same baby dragon all the casters get when casting their summon spell! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! If you are a fighter, monk or barbarian the orb will automatically cast flame weapon on you AND the baby dragon!

You know that RT click “examine” feature you use to determine the bad guys difficulty? Yeah, that is NOT gonna give you a very good grasp of what your facing. Down a haste potion and go RUMBLE! If the creature is too much, retreat and return later!

The heal skill and you... Casting a cure spell or drinking a potion usually will get you attacked in combat. Using an item however!! Heal kits are affordable and easy to get.

Raise dead and resurrection scrolls, get a couple of these later, never know!

On exploring, there are some VERY well hidden areas. Portals hidden in shallow pools of water, caves behind waterfalls and passages overgrown with brush. Keep your eyes peeled and the cursor roaming!

Every wanted to play a follower of Gond but the summon spells all bring animals?Yeah there’s an immersion feature here so your Gondite can be followed by monodrones.

Dynamic housing is SUPER easy and for a couple hours of gold farming you can have a house decorated by YOU while in game! 25,000 gets you a house deed and a mere 5 gold gets you a persistent chest!

Last bit of advice, chat up other players in game! Most of the time they can give you even more advice!

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