History and worldsetting of the Inner Realms

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History and worldsetting of the Inner Realms

Post by tarashon » Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:57 pm

An introduktion to ”Alangara – New Dawn” and the unique settings of the Inner Realms.

1. The overall setting and idea concept.

“Alangara – New Dawn” is based upon the concept of the players being able to become “Reborn” at level 40, effectively starting over again from level 1 but with heavily improved stats and special powers to reflect their now semi divine status. In order to become Reborn players must choose a certain portefolio or aspects they wish to represent and fight for RP wise. This may usually be under the wings of an existing God but with enough good RP and concept a player may actually choose to be “alone”, i.e. working to become a unique God or other types of “power of the planes” themselves.

Alangara as such is heavily influenced by this aspect and the whole concept known from Planescape” with mind over matter, the rule of three etc. etc.

Another unique feature in Alangara is that is actually embraces all known gaming universes and lore – some more implemented than others but the option is there. All characters arrive to the Inner Realms, either after dying or via “the mist” like in Ravenloft or via some other cosmic event giving the option of a unique lore and RP setting for the individual player. NO ONE comes to the Inner Realms on their own since this is not possible !

All this being said it is perfectly possible and accepted to merely play a normal person unknowing of all these things. The characters themselves aren’t really aware of these things besides the fact that they have arrived a new place and obviously there are aware of their history and lore from where they arrived. It should also be noted that becoming a “Reborn” is an option and not a must. If one is unwilling to loose all levels and start all over now with a 50% xp penalty on all none-quest-xp that is perfectly ok.

2. The Inner Realms.

The Inner Realms have a lore, pantheon and functionality closely resembling that of the Forgotten Realms of Aber Toril ( the standard AD&D setting ). However there are some unique differences to observe although these aren’t truly comprehended by the characters.

The Inner Realms is in fact a series of closed quasi realms all under the direct control of the custom God, Zertihn. As such AO is not present inside the Inner Realms where Zertihn holds similar strength an power as him. This however is complicating things as Zertihn outside the Inner Realms functions as a greater power under AO, and in his direct dealings in that universe he is a demi-power. The Inner Realms are in all practical terms closed off by Zertihn allowing nothing (divine) to happen without his blessing but in reality he is learning the ways of the Gods and therefore allows the most in order to learn from it.
This knowledge is only important in terms of unique RP concept for players since they can’t create a concept of them being send there as agents of another god to take over power etc. It is simply not possible and the other Gods and Powers knows it. The characters themselves are not aware of these divine settings.

3. Special powers of the Alangara – New Dawn multiverse.

Another very important aspect of the Inner Realms settings is that there are other powers than Gods in the multiverse, most noteworthy but not limited to…

“The Aspects”.
(Created by PnP DM, Ulrik Schou, whom interpreted the Official “Lady of Pain” this unique way )
Beings truly incarnating certain aspects of creation. Zertihn for instance, more importantly than being a God, is the “Aspect of Hope” and an “Initiate of Pain”. This means that he in fact IS hope as a universal feeling and power, incarnated into a sentient being. Most noteworthy and powerful of these beings is the “Lady of Pain” of famous Sigil, holding powers matching AO himself. Zertihn started his journey of realigning himself with his former incarnations by becoming Initiate of pain under her guidance, and is the only known God in the multiverse capable of visiting Sigil without being destroyed by her. He is also the only known God being her direct ally, although the demi powers known as “the Great Seven of Shadowdale” all have had positive dealings with her.

“The Old Ones”.
(Created by PnP DM, Ulrik Schou )
These are another incredible powerfull series of creatures, being creator Gods in the multiverse before this one. AO is one of these being and the victor of a war back then and in his creation of the new multiverse he implemented the axis of good and evil. Before that there was only chaos, law and neutrality.
The great 4 champions of Law were Plague, Death, War and Famine , by which Plague, known as Meriam, has been a constant enemy and adversary of Zertihn and the other 7 of Shadowdale, in her conquest of the known universe.

Other known aspects are mighty champions of Chaos and mighty pre-multiverse beings such as the True Dragons etc. etc.

Unique antagonists of the Alangara universe :

“The Protagonist of Chaos”.
(Created by Seeker )
If this sentient being is actually one of the Old Ones or an Aspect or something entirely different is unknown at this point. All that is known is that in the great war tearing the original creation of the Inner Realms apart, he was a key instrument to its downfall, stopped only as the forces of hope, lead by Zertihn, interfered.

“The Horrors”.
( Introduced and incorporated from player RP stories on the forum, by BenevolentDevil )

These foul beings range in strength from “normal powerful monsters” to unknown status. Each Horror is a unique symbol in the astral plane representing its own creation and history, ever adding to its powers. The mightiest known Horrors were born from the pain and terror of the destruction of entire worlds. They spread via the Astral Plane and mortal fear throughout the multiverse, ever seeking new mortals to feed on.

Besides these there are several other custom Gods and powers in play in “Alangara – new Dawn”, some like “Gaia” being the base of entire story- and questlines.

4. Creation of the Inner Realms.
( created by Tarashon )

The Inner Realms were originally created as a contest of creation by the three greater powers of Faerun, Chauntea, Auril and Talos. Back then it was created as a pocket dimension inside the very core of Toril, far below the Underdark. After the great war the three Gods left the semi-destroyed Realm alone and it was taken over by Zertihn and recreated in his design. In its first reality “Alangara – Where Gods are born” , Zertihn was in fact the only God in there, acting out all other Gods in order to learn the secrets of divinity.
Now being as powerful as AO himself Zertihn has opened up for the other Gods to actually act out their portefolios in the Inner Realms and influence their followers. As “Allfather” of the Inner Realms Zertihn is true neutral mostly seeking balance and above all wisdom and insight. This he des not intervene with his powers and responsibilities as God of Just rulership, Culture and civilization. Nor does he confuse nor mix this with his Aspect of Hope. Inn all reality Zertihn IS the Inner Realms in the same way as AO IS the Forgotten Realms.

5. Practical knowledge for players.

Where as the Inner Realms and the whole setting is based upon many years of PnP roleplay we have a relaxed atmosphere with implementing RP for the players. Thus besides being in-character when meeting others players are completely allowed to debate the weekends football match in tells or party chat, as long as all members of said party approves it.
Being a vivid opponent of RP servers where everything is about belly picking and making up stories Alangara – New Dawn is in fact created as a action server, with tons of hardcore opponents and scripted quests. As such it can easily be enjoyed as single player module.
Since we want an atmosphere of balance between the characters and classes some classes or feats have been banned and lots of classes have had custom content added. In particular the spellsystem have had a thorough overhaul, almost always for better versions, and adding damage or bonuses throughout higher or epic levels as well.
We love RP and immersion though and as such have various options of player impact such as players designing their own custom homes and even areas while implementing player driven storylines when it fits to the module and in general trying very hard to accommodate player wishes and feedback. However this is not a democracy and staff rules supreme. Something you will likely never ever notice just the same…
Also if you have special requests for RP we are very flexible as long as it fits within our universe setting and does not disturb gameballance.

To give meaning to classes we have implemented an additional rule that all classes must be taken at minimum 6 levels at level 40.
Be adviced though that even if your preferred class or combination is not possible chances are you can create a very nice character of your gamingstyle just the same. And with all our adds it just might be a richer experience than you are used to 
Basically most classes will improve by themselves to level 40 making multi-classing something with a” heavy cost” now.
To learn more see your classrules and spellchanges elsewhere.
And finally…


/The “Alangara – New Dawn” staff.

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