Completely new CUSTOM designed system for damage spells !

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Completely new CUSTOM designed system for damage spells !

Post by tarashon » Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:34 pm

Howdy all :)

Following is a description of the brand new ultra flexible custom system for damage spells in "Alangara - New Dawn". SO far it is incorporated into the spells of following classes...


Level symmetri.

The standard system of damage is one per level and for AOE damage spells.

level 1. d2 * casterlevel + 10 area: Large
level 2. d4 * casterlevel + 20 area: Large
level 3. d6 * casterlevel + 30 area: Large
level 4. d8 * casterlevel + 40 area: Huge
level 5. d10 * casterlevel + 50 area: Huge
level 6. d12 * casterlevel + 60 area: Huge
level 7. 2d8 * casterlevel + 80 area: Gargantuan
level 8. 2d10 * casterlevel + 100 area: Gargantuan
level 9. 2d12 * casterlevel + 120 area: Colossal

All spells develop up til level 40, and very few are actually added extra spell levels fx Firebrand if one holds the mage III staff from Magic and mysteries.

Singletarget spells usually got +20-30% damage.

Additional effects lower the damage somewhat and individually.

Static AOE spells:

Static AOE spells works via the formular of "2 * spell level" instead of caster level using the above factors and then halved. Wall of Fire and Bladebarrier further more have had all reflex saves removed. When you are in them...they hurt !

All of these damage are multiplied with a custom designed "nFactor" via an include file, allowing of to adjust these factors globally as balance sees fit.

Here is a description of how this factor works...

1. Class variation.

Priests = 0.75
Druids = 0.8
Sorcerer = 1
Wizard = 1.1

2. Over all balance.

To begin with factor 1 but if we decide spells are overall too powerful we scale it down instantly changing all spell damage, and if they need to become more potent we scale it up...

currently = 1

3. Level tweaking.

By adding the nLevel to our overall system we are now capable of tweaking all spell damage for an individual class depending on levels. SO if the sorcerer is too strong at low levels we can pinpoint out those levels for the sorcerer class and adjust overall and the perhaps up their damage at end epic levels if they were too weak there. This option in only implemented at the pure caster classes including bards.

Currently all = 1

4. Reborns.

One of the biggest differences we saw in player power was how strong the melee players became when being reborn whereas the casters did not really gain much besides obviously much better surviveability with the way higher HP ( note that the higher surviveability ment alot also ! ). Now we can add the reborn mark into a factor 1.2 fx granting Reborns 20% more damage power on all spells.

Currently = 1.3 (+ 30 % )

5. Hostile

For balance issues hostile casters i.e. monsters will get a small token "hostile caster". The nHostile is currently set to a % so basically monsters casting spells will do much less damage..

Currently = 0.35 ( So 35 % of the damage a similar player caster would have done )

6. Touched

For diversity and challenge reasons "Touched" monsters will get a small token "touched caster". The nTouched is currently set to 125% , making "Touched" casters effectively do 44% spell damage instead of 35%.

Currently = 1.25 ( +25 % )

7. Considering the options of Summoner, Mage and Invoker.

( not currently in game )

Summoner - Caster gets a summon that is 1 level higher and improved version of the epic ones.

Mage - Factor 1.1 for spell damages.

Invoker - 5% change of critical adding additional 50% damage.

More changed and specialties may be added over the course of time.

Enjoy :)


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