Companions, Familiars and Summons - Custom Looks.

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Companions, Familiars and Summons - Custom Looks.

Post by tarashon » Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:30 pm

Alangara offers 3 types of Animal companions and 1 type Familiar that are updated compared to the standard versions; that are still there.

Panther = high damage, low "durability".

Direwolf = medium damage, medium "durability".

Bear = Low damage, high "durability".

And 1 familiar type being ...

Panther = A mixture of the panter and direwolf for druids.

Besides this Alangara offers a host of customs special summons or far more powerful variants of standard spells. This also includes several summons to be used by none-casters.


For Immersion purposes "The Horla" has created a brand new unique custom system for Alangara. This system allows ANY player to alter the look and type of their animal companions, familiars or Summons; individually !

The technical detail of how this is used is shown in your character journal ingame ;)

Currently we have...


* Badger
* Bat
* Battle Horror
* Bear, Brown
* Beetle, Fire

* Cobra



* Dragon, Fairy
* Dragon, Pseudo
* Dragon, Small Purple

* Dragon Brass
* Dragon Bronze
* Dragon Copper
* Dragon Gold
* Dragon Silver

* Dragon Black
* Dragon Blue
* Dragon Green
* Dragon Red
* Dragon White

* Elemental Air
* Elemental Earth
* Elemental Fire
* Elemental Lightning
* Elemental Magma
* Elemental Water
* Eyeball

* Fairy
* Falcon

* Imp

* Lynx

* Mechanon Cutter
* Monodrone

* Panther, Black
* Parrot
* Penguin, Pack

* Wolf ( normal one )

*Skeleton priest
*Skeletal Devourer
* Stag

* Rabbit, spotted
* Rat, Dire
* Raven
* Rustmonster

* Spider, dire
* Spider Wrath

* Treant ( young )

* Wolverine


Besides this we have dynamic Wemic and Dynamic Brownie Immersion Tools for players wishing to play these races. Just request one from a DM or ask here on forum


Should you have any requests we will try to cater to them as fast as possible, adding to our creature range.

Basically we are open for suggestions all though creature size matters, so only relatively small models. If one truly fancies some RP concept with a minotaur I suppose we would give it a shot, but giant daemons, dragons or other immensely powerful beings are out of the question. Be reasonable in terms of RP "realism".

Below link is to our old thread on the subject.


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