XP Settings - truly customized.

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XP Settings - truly customized.

Post by tarashon » Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:21 pm

Following is an overall explanation of the XP settings in Alangara.

The first great change for the custom setting is that in Alangara players adds 100% xp to the pool from a given kill, meaning that two players at level x will get excactly the same XP from group killing a given mob than any one of them would have done single. Familiars takes a little from that XP and summons a little bit more.

The second great change is that in Alangara XP depends on the ration between the players level and the given mob - individually. This also means that two characters with different level in a group will not get the same XP from the kill. This system means that a high level warrior can help low level friends.

The 3rd great change is that to counter the possible "insane outcome" of the two above settings players do not gain XP from monsters with a CR above their own level. This means that if a high level takes low levels with him/her to a high level area the lower levels might only get 1XP per kill.

This pretty much summons up the standard mechanisms in Alangara's custom XP system. However there is more...

1 - Reborn characters only gets 50% XP from kills.

2 - Potions granting variable XP boost from kills may be bought ingame.

3 - Killing the random special monsters known as "Furious Touched - X" grants a random XP bonus to the intire group if they are in the same area on the time of the kill. The XP bonus amount also improves with the higher levels of the killed monster.

4 - Killing special worldbosses, Starting with Lendizare the Stormkeeper, grants all players on the server a temporary random XP bonus.

5 - More events will come to some might even lower the XP until certain criteria have been made... etc.


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