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Player Housing.

Post by tarashon » Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:30 pm

Alangara sponsors a vast arrays of different ways to gets ones own personal space in the Inner Realms.

1 - From level 10+ players may rent apartments in "The Heroes Rest" inn. These are very cheap to rent and includes a database chest.

2 - Players may buy a real house in the "South East district" in Castle Balder, from the Furniture vendor in the same area. This is done via Database and requires no DM interaction. Furnitures can be bought in the shop and placed and altered to your hearts content to design your own style. The house cost 25.000 and each normal furniture costs a mere 3 gp. This also includes walls and windows to truly customize the house !

3 - Players may buy predesigned houses via DM interaction. These houses may then be placed anywhere in the module the players should wish, by Tarashon. These houses are considerable more expensive starting from 250.000 gold and alot of Tukarian Cherries.

4 - Players may design their own houses in the toolset and send them to Tarashon. Intire land area may also be bought this way all depending on what the players wants and perhaps certain wishes by Tarashon. This also includes specifically placing a (2) housing estate in a specific spot outside of the standard housing area in the South East district.


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