The Reborns.

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The Reborns.

Post by tarashon » Thu Dec 26, 2019 10:01 am

One of the underlying concepts and story arcs of the Alangara PW is the Custom God, Zertihn's strugle to proof to the universe that the mortals holds much more potential than the gods ( and other powers ) realise and accept.

Becoming reborn is the first ( volountary ) step on a mortals journey to unleash their true inner potential. This focus on the "strenght of soul and spirit" is also tightly knitted together with the fact that Alangara takes place in sub-parallel universe and a unique plane called "The Inner Realms"...

Characters reaching level 40 might start over again from level 1 but as a powerful divinely blessed "Reborn".

A reborn receives the following benefits.

Str + 6
Con +26
Dex + 6
Wis + 6
Int + 6
Cha + 6

* The ability to summons ones party. This even work in SOME areas that disallow teleport since its a more powerful teleport.

On Dying they have 8% chance of being fully healed instead. ( keeping all their buffs )
On Death they have 8% chance of being fully healed instead. ( loosing buffs but no death penalties )



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